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The Cornerstone Partnership

Virtual Reality Support Technician
The Cornerstone Partnership has pioneered the world’s first VR experience for fostering and adoption services as well as immersive therapeutic support using social Virtual Reality to help children in the care system. Cornerstone VR™ harnesses the power of Virtual Reality to change behaviour; whether the goal is to improve enquiries or to stabilise placements by generating emotional understanding and empathy resulting in a positive impact on the relationship dynamic between the adult and the child.

VR accelerates behaviour change – improving the relationships between carers/parents and children resulting in greater placement stability (including prevention of breakdown) or enhanced familial well-being. We show organisations how to enhance the assessment process (adoption, fostering, special guardians) by providing opportunities to examine prospective adopters/carers authentic responses to the “real” scenarios shown within the VR content.

My work with The Cornerstone Partnership is a VR Technical Support role. I chose to work here to explore how VR is improving the social care system and the families that rely on it. This work is challenging but hugely rewarding and beneficial to so many going through the adoption and fostering processes.
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Previous Work

Various companies I have work with/for and/or represented

I worked with HTC in 2018 on a London-based fan event where fans could play Beat Saber and other games free. We also hosted a SkyfrontVR tournament at the event.

VR Assistant

For 2 years I sold Oculus products across London at various demo booths.

Brand Ambassador

I was in charge of IPG's West London site for over 2 years, managing the booking systems, maintaining the arcade, serving clients and running tech support.

Bookings Manager
Inter-Pub Gaming

I helped run the VR area of Sandbox HQ during it's time in London, introducing people to VR daily (hosting games/tech support).

VR Technician
Sandbox HQ

I have hosted one VR-based panel/event at every EGX and EGX Rezzed event since EGX 2018. I am still working hard to increase the presence of VR at EGX and can't wait to share my big plans for EGX 2020!


I aided Inition at various VR events, hosting the VR experiences for the event attendees on an irregular basis.

VR Technical Assistant

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