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AdamUp! is an educational video game I developed during my University years while learning basic game development. The aim was to combine educational and brain-teasing mathematics with traditional platforming elements.


Random numbers will spawn across a simple 2D plane, and you can switch between the +, -, × and ÷ characters at any time. Jumping onto numbers will affect the current total number, the effect will depend on which character you have selected. If you are playing as +, interacting with the number 22 would add 22 to your current sum, for instance.

The game featured multiple game modes:

- Generate Sum

This would generate a Goal number to reach. You start with 0, and make your way to the goal number by using the digits around the world and switching between the 4 characters to make your way to the goal number.

- Advanced Sum

Gameplay the same as Generate Sum, but the goal may be a negative digit, and your current sum will start as a random number, instead of 0.

- First Sum

This mode was introduced in an app update as a simpler game mode. The player is given a simple sum, such as 21 + 4, and the player just has to explore the level to find the correct number. This game mode was later released as it's own separate game; AdamUp's First Sum!

Both AdamUp! and AdamUp's First Sum! were delisted from app stores in 2018 after the app stopped supporting current versions of many operating systems. I chose not to update the game as I believe I achieved my goal of developing and releasing a simple educational game. I would like to revisit the concept in the future, but now is not the time.

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