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Since 2018, I have been working to increase the presence of VR at EGX, the UK's largest gaming expo. Each year, a panel of VR industry professionals and enthusiasts join me on stage to discuss VR-centric topics and issues to a live audience, as well as people watching remotely via the Twitch and YouTube livestreams.


The Future of VR

EGX 2018

Host: Callum Hurley. Panellists: Sandra Müür, Keanu Hollingsworth, Rob Cole and Chris Gray.

Hear from VR industry professionals on the future of Virtual Reality in your home, in arcades and even in pubs! We discuss the best games, the latest innovations and common misconceptions in VR.


Making VR Comfortable: Developer's Perspective

EGX Rezzed 2019

Host: Callum Hurley. Panellists: Sam Watts, Katie Goode and Hannah Blair.

Learn from three talented developers both experienced and new about how software developers are making Virtual Reality a more comfortable experience.


Oculus & Epic Games: The Morality of Software Exclusivity

EGX 2019

Host: Callum Hurley. Panellists: Sam Watts, Stephen Prior, Chris Gray and Eden Bethell.

Four VR industry professionals take to the stage to explore software exclusivity via digital platforms such as Epic Games Store and Oculus.


Powered by VR and Streaming - The Future of Digital Gaming Events

PAX Online | EGX Digital 2020

Host: Callum Hurley. Panellists: Andreas Juluisson, Sam Watts, GAMERTAG VR.

VR industry professionals enter virtual reality to discuss the how VR and Game Streaming Technology can change the landscape of gaming events,

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