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Abrash's 5-Year VR Journey Review - Read in VR Trend Magazine #7

My debut piece is now available in issue 7 of VR Trend Magazine.

In 2016, just after the launch of the Oculus Rift CV1, Oculus Co-Founder Michael Abrash took to the stage at Oculus Connect to map out his predictions for where VR technology would be in 5 years. Well, now that we've ended 2021, it has been 5 years since those predictions. How many of those came to pass? Read my analysis in issue 7 of VR Trend Magazine, available digitally and in-print now!

Where To Buy VR Trend Magazine

VR Trend Magazine is an independent project devised and published by just two individuals. The magazine has been very popular amongst the VR community, but they could always use more support. To subscribe to VR Trend Magazine, head over to their Patreon, or learn more at their website.


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