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THE RESIDUE is a stage play focused on a small group surviving a bio-terrorist attack on the United States leading to a country-wide epidemic.

Originally devised during my time at University as a Musical, I began adapting the story into a full-length play for production later the same year. On a tight schedule and next-to-no budget, I am extremely grateful for what the director, cast and I managed to pull together in a matter of months.

THE RESIDUE was performed for one night only at The Stockwell Playhouse in July 2017, and was filmed for release on Amazon Prime Video in September 2017. The reception to the show was positive, but I decided to leave this project as a successful one-off.

In early 2019, I decided to remove THE RESIDUE from Amazon Prime Video. Though I am proud of what we achieved, I don't feel the film properly represented the theatre experience on the night.

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