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Re-Mastered Media was the label I produced content under for over a decade. Originally founded as a website for video game news, reviews and discussions by me and two friends, the name would later become the studio name I attached to my musicals, plays, videos and the AdamUp! video game.

After the first few years, my two friends moved on to other endeavours and Re-Mastered Media became my personal brand. I'm very proud of everything I achieved with Re-Mastered Media. In it's earliest days, I conducted interviews with Eric Johnson and Kate Drummond, who at the time were starring in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, which would open doors to interviews with many video game developers at EGX Expo over many years and later the author and protagonists of Console Wars; Blake J. Harris, Tom Kalinske and Al Nilsen respectively. Later I would produce two web series under the brand; Benjy Cohen: Liar and More Than Games, before attaching the brand to my theatre productions. In recent years as I focused more on my own personal work with Virtual Reality, I chose to retire the Re-Mastered Media brand and publish all projects (VR and Non-VR) under my own name.

Below is a collection of various content from the multiple stages of Re-Mastered Media.


Actor | Splinter Cell: Blacklist

My first interview for Re-Mastered Media with Eric Johnson, who had just taken over the role of Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.


Actor | Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Interview with Kate Drummond, who had just taken over the role of Anna 'Grim' Grimsdottir in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.


Former CEO | SEGA

A chat with former SEGA CEO Tom Kalinske about his role in the Console Wars book, his time at SEGA and LeapFrog.


Former Director of Global Marketing | SEGA

A chat with former SEGA Global Marketing DIrector Al Nilsen about his role in the Console Wars book and his time at SEGA.


Author | Console Wars

I spoke with Console Wars author Blake J Harris about his experience researching and uncovering the true stories of the SEGA vs Nintendo rivalry of the 1990's.


Web Series

A limited web series following Magician Benjy Cohen as he explores close-up magic and the different tricks he performs in different social situations.


Short Film | Documentary

The Indies of EGX is a short film documenting some of the most interesting independent game projects on show at EGX 2015, including interviews and early game footage.


Web Series

More Than Games ran for two series, exploring some of gaming's most popular franchises, documenting each release and it's evolution.

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